What is Students Defender?/How do I join it?

Students Defender is platform to end harassment in all its forms by transforming the culture that perpetuates harassment and discrimination against vulnerable groups specially women. We build environment where students have the freedom to move through public space, participate in civic life, and reach their full potential.

We train young leaders to become Students Defender on their campuses by providing them opportunities like; ongoing training and support. If you’re a student, faculty, or alumni, you can join Students Defender’s Student Network. You can Join Network here.

I care about the issues. What can I do?

SD encourages you to Take Action in cases that you feel passionately about. We have given resource and get involved section where you can, from sharing campaigns on social media, to participating in different events to get yourself educated, there is a lot you can do to help the fight for injustice.

I believe my rights were violated. Can SD help?

Students Defender may be able to help you if your case fits within our mission. SD after recieving your case forward it to relevant authorities for necessary action. Please submit your case to Students Defender.

Who works at SD?

Students Defender leading team consists mostly by youth, studying in various universities across Pakistan, with varying educational backgrounds. For more information about individual members of SD’s staff, please see our Leadership Team page.

How does SD pick its cases?

Students Defender responds to all case submissions. We only take cases, however, that fall within SD’s mission. SD has limited resources and receives a remarkable number of requests for help. We are, therefore, unable to take many cases that touch upon important issues. SD also does not take cases that are from the staff of colleges or universities, are from outside the Pakistan, or are submitted by phone or fax.