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Punjab University Lecturer accused of Sexual Harassment

Multiple students came forward against the teacher Irfan Babu – who they named in their posts – accusing him of “character assassination”, making unsolicited and inappropriate sexual advances and perpetuating an atmosphere of discomfort for his female students.

One woman alleged that he would “comment on womens’ bodies and talk about what he likes in his favorite actresses”. Another alleged he asked female students to meet with him privately and tell inappropriate stories of wedding nights and the female physicality. One complained that their “father even complained to the principle” but no action was taken. It should be noted that there are unverified reports that Babu no longer works at KIPs and that he was terminated for the reports piling up against him.

Although, the women who have accused Irfan Babu of sexual harassment have chosen to stay anonymous, they aren’t shying away from sharing the details.

“He would tell inappropriate stories with wedding nights and women’s bodies. I even know he asked a girl from our class to meet him in private.” one claimed.
“He is the biggest predator I can think of in KIPs network Lahore. Though there are many hiding there but this one tops the list. He used to check out every single girl and I know this personally that he got one of my friend’s numbers from the accounts department and started harassing her with weird messages like ‘ab ap academy kyun nahi ati? Please reply me and all way more bullshit. Her father even complained to the principal but Irfan Babu was not removed. Later she changed her session because he would not stop harassing her.” said another.

According the screenshot above, he even staked outside the girls’ hostel in his car and coerced a girl to come meet him. He also threatened to humiliate and damage her repute. In order to lure young girls in, he told them sob stories to get them to sympathize with him. “He used to tell the girl in our hostel that he was married to his brother’s widow and was only in the marriage because of his kids.”

When another girl tried to get her sections changed due to Irfan Babu’s repulsive behavior, the KIPS administration flat out refused and put the blame on her

They told her she was accusing him out of spite for not getting the attention she wanted. Irfan Babu then proceeded to point fingers at the girl’s character in front of different teachers and the principal for retaliating.

It is appalling how Irfan Babu has gotten away for so long and even more disgusting as to how the principal has aided that. Once again, an institute failed to protect its female students by dismissing valid concerns. Predators should not be allowed to assume roles of mentor-ship, it is as basic as common sense and yet such unforgivable practices are so easily swept under the rug.

One of the people accusing Irfan Babu has claimed that he was later fired from KIPS after a girl showed screenshots of her chat with him to a higher up at KIPS. However, Irfan Babu never admitted it and told everyone that he left the institute for a better job. If him being fired is in fact true, why didn’t KIPS make it public? Why was his predatory behavior concealed?

This man has gone on to be hired by Punjab University as if he never broke any codes of conduct. And it goes without saying that he must have victims at his new job as well.

Irfan Babu deserves to be fired from Punjab University; his predatory behavior should not be excused! The country doesn’t need sexual predators mentoring young minds. It is high time Pakistani institutes stop treating sexual harassment like a joke.

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