SD Campaign LetsBreakTheSilence

Empowering Students by raising awareness of Sexual Harassment at the Campuses.

Speak up against Sexual Harassment

The sexual harassment of women in Pakistan remains a serious problem. With a poor understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment at both a personal and societal level, Students Defender, a Youth For Pakistan’s program, realised that the first step to solving the issue and empowering women was raising knowledge and awareness across the country.

Every time we stay silent when we are harassed or when we see someone else harassed, we are guilty of perpetuating harassment. While it is difficult to respond in certain situations, we must not miss an opportunity when it persists itself.

Lodge a Complaint

Please don't hesitate to lodge a complaint. If you are a student, the parent/guardian of a student, a close adult relative of a student and wish to report an incident of alleged bullying, sexual harassment or intimidation, fill the form on our YFP website or contact the Students Defender at [email protected]

Share Your Personal Experiences

If you have faced sexual harassment in your campus, we ask you to share your experience. Also, Share Strategies that have helped you deal with sexual harassment, at [email protected]


Sexual harassment is particularly rampant on college campuses. Far from being harmless 'flirting' or 'joking around,' sexual harassment can have deep and long lasting effects on those who experience it. People who have been harassed report feeling upset, self-conscious, embarrassed, angry and afraid. #LetsBreakTheSilence aims to create safe and inclusive campuses for all.